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Texas Herb Clinic

Medical Marijuana Doctors

Texas Herb Clinic is a 100% Telemedicine Medical Cannabis Clinic Serving All of Texas.
All of our certified providers are dedicated and experienced in assisting patients with a wide range of conditions to navigate the qualification process and access medical cannabis through the Texas Compassionate Use Program (CUP) registry. Together, our team will help you find the optimum medical cannabis dosage and regimen to enhance your quality of life. See what THC can do for you!

Getting a Medical Cannabis Prescription Is As Easy As





Convenient Online Telehealth  Appointment

Receive Texas Medical Cannabis Authorization 

*Prior to your appointment: In order to successfully obtain a medical cannabis prescription, you are required to send/upload documentation of your qualifying condition. We can accept copies of a medical record indicating diagnosis or treatment, a note of verification from a healthcare/mental health/organizational provider, and/or a photograph of prescription medication, such as but not limited to a prescription muscle relaxer associated with your qualifying condition or symptom. *Documentation is required for all appointments with the exception of suspected but undiagnosed PTSD which can be evaluated online at your initial visit. 

Once your qualifying condition has been established, our registered cannabis doctors will add you to the

Texas Compassionate Use Registry of Texas (CURT) which is required at the state-licensed medical cannabis dispensaries.

Sometimes this can happen on the same day! 

Dr. Robert S. Marks, medical cannabis doctor, standing outside amongst medical cannabis like plants in Austin, TX.

Get To Know Texas Herb Clinic's Dr. Robert S. Marks, MD

Since 2011, Robert S. Marks, MD, a double board-certified physician in pain management and anesthesia, has been studying and advocating the benefits of medical marijuana and volunteering time to advocate on behalf of his patients' access. As a knowledgeable source of medical marijuana science and a respected physician, Dr. Marks has been coveted by supportive politicians in testifying to and assisting with drafting Texas medical cannabis law including the Texas Compassionate Use Program (CUP). At the request of open-minded politicians and pro-cannabis political action committees, such as NORMLDr. Marks continues to testify at the Texas State Capital as an expert in favor of advancing patient access for an even broader range of medical conditions. He works tirelessly and continues to educate Texans regarding the legitimate benefits of medical cannabis as a substitute for many more dangerous, yet legal and widely distributed, controlled substances.  A passionate medical cannabis educator and pain management doctor, Dr. Marks has held advisory positions on both of Texas's active medical cannabis dispensaries, Texas Original and Good Blend.  He is one of the three physicians selected by the DPS to sit on the Texas Department of Public Safety's Texas Compassionate Use Program Working Group, assisting with the implementation of the laws.  Dr. Marks has cultivated a line of doctor-recommended, lab-tested, organic CBD products, Compassionate Compliments at Texas Herb Center.

In 2020, after the establishment of the Texas Compassionate Use Program (CUP), Dr. Marks was among the first physicians registered to prescribe medical cannabis in the state of Texas and has been doing so out of Austin's trusted  Diagnostic Pain Center, the highly rated and award-winning pain management clinic he founded in 2012 that has helped thousands of patients live better pain-free lives. And now several years into the program, after observing far too many patients needing to drive across the state to his brick-and-mortar clinic in search of high-quality medical cannabis guidance, in order to help more deserving patients, he has now founded Texas Herb Clinic (THC) to provide online statewide access. Dr. Marks and his experienced medical team, having for years now guided patients of varying ages, and levels of cannabis experience, inflicted by many conditions, can now help YOU from the comfort of your home, navigate your way through the Compassionate Use Program qualification process and in finding YOUR optimal medical cannabis treatment to enhance YOUR quality of life. See what THC can do for YOU!


Award Winning Pain Management Doctor

Highly Rated by Patients & Doctors

America's Best Doctors Award to Texas Herb Clinic's Dr. Robert S. Marks, MD.
U.S. News Top Doctor Award to Texas Herb Clinic's Dr. Robert S. Marks, MD.
Top Doctors in Greater Austin Award to Texas Herb Clinic's Dr. Robert S. Marks, MD.
A Top Doctor award to medical cannabis doctor, Robert S. Marks, MD who prescribes medical marijuana in Texas.
Top Business of 2021 Three Best Rated Award to Texas Herb Clinic's Dr. Robert S. Marks, MD.
 "I highly recommend Dr. Marks and request Olivia if you can!"

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